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The Seas Again Tour Book is a rare and original hardcover book that is a must-have for any military history enthusiast or collector of vintage items. This book features the Franklin CVA-42 USS Carrier Aircraft that was used during the 1954-60 period, offering a glimpse into the naval technology and operations of the time. The book showcases the journey of the Again Seas Roosevelt in 1956, documenting its adventures and contributions to US maritime history. This unique item is a piece of militaria history from the United States and would make a great addition to any collection of original period items. Whether you are a history buff or a collector of rare and valuable items, The Seas Again Tour Book is a valuable addition to any antique and collectible collection.

The Seas Again Tour Book

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  • USS Franklin D. Roosevelt was commissioned on Oct. 27, 1945, and served until October 1977. She was built at the New York Navy Yard. She was deployed with the Eighth Fleet in spring 1946 for major training exercises. Her first deployment to the Mediterranean came later that same year. In October 1952, she was reclassified as an attack aircraft carrier. This changed her hull number to CVA-42.

  • This book originally belonged to Tommy L Humphrey His name is listed here on the official Roster Division E Picture 3 shows his Name, signature, and Division as well as were he sailed during this tour of duty.

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