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Step back in time with this antique wood washing machine. In a world where life was not so fast-paced, this primitive machine was a game-changer. Made of solid wood, it is a blast from the past that reflects the simplicity of a bygone era. Measuring a length of 34”, width of 20”, and height of 25”, this piece is the perfect addition to a log cabin or anyone looking to add a touch of historic charm to their home. While it is missing the original lid, it remains an awesome piece of history priced at Just $200.00. 

Antique Wood Washing Machine

SKU: 1402
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Believed to be from the 30s or 40s this antique wooden washing machine, which is a manually-operated device used for laundry before the advent of modern electric washers. It consists of a wooden barrel with a lid attached to a frame that has legs and a handle for operation. The wood appears aged and weathered, indicating that it could be quite old; however, without specific historical context or manufacturing details visible, it is not possible to determine the exact age of this wood washer.

    Remember, antique wooden washers like this one evoke nostalgia and remind us of simpler times when laundry was a hands-on task.

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